Pure. Tasty. Perfection. 


Every licorice candy lover knows that Panda Natural Licorice is a classic. Always right from the first bite, it’s exactly how licorice should be – soft, mouth-watering and deliciously tasty. We’re proud to say that we make Panda Natural Licorice from only a few carefully selected natural ingredients.


We want the description of our licorice to be as authentic as the product itself. That’s why we asked you, our beloved fans.


Since we asked, you answered! Here’s how you feel about Panda’s classic licorice candy taste:

“The only problem I see here is that I just can’t stop. By far the best licorice out there.”

“I've tried different brands, but I’m totally hooked to this soft velvety taste and the lingering flavor.”



And the fact that it’s so natural:

“Not too sweet with no artificial flavor to it. You can actually taste how natural it is.”

“Soft, sweet, rich in flavor, no nonsense.”



We simply love that the taste of our premium black licorice takes you to your happy place:

“This reminds me of my childhood. And unlike everything else, it actually hasn’t changed.”

 “My mom had some in her handbag, luckily she’s a sharer!”



And that you appreciate the fresh twists we bring in alongside the original flavor:

“It's natural, tasty and comes in different flavors – all the more reasons to love Panda!”

“Strawberry is my favorite flavor. Its soft, chewy and very fruity.”

“I love the intense flavor of the raspberry licorice. It's the, perfect balance of flavor and texture.”



Our licorice has been famous for its flavor since 1927. We’ve stayed true to our roots, so you’ll rediscover the taste you know and love, every time.



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