Licorice has been believed to possess curative, even mystical powers. Licorice has in the past been used to protect against evil spirits, and it has served as a remedy for stomach pains, cough and lung infections. Today fortunately you can get licorice from the shelves of stores, without the need of pretending to be ill.

What is Panda´s soft licorice made of?

The main raw material is of course licorice root. Licorice is a plant that grows wild on the mountain slopes in southern Europe and Asia. Licorice root is processed onto licorice extract. Other basic ingredients are wheat flour, syrup and anise.

The famous, wonderfully soft Panda licorice is prepared by a conventional cooking method, in which the raw materials are boiled onto dough and then compressed into their form in accordance with the licorice master Väinö Hilden’s legacy recipe.

Licorice production began in 1927 in Vaajakoski, central Finland. And to this day, Panda’s licorice has reached the market leader position in licorice products.